Energy Performance Certificates for homes
The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) gives home owners, tenants and buyers information on the energy efficiency of their property. It gives the building a standard energy and carbon emission efficiency grade from ‘A’ to ‘G’, where ‘A’ is the best and with the average to date being D/E.

What else does the certificate do?

EPCs are measured using the same calculations for all homes, so you can compare the energy efficiency of different properties.

Part of the EPC is a recommendation report which will list the potential rating that your home could achieve, if you made changes. The report lists improvements that you could carry out and how this would change the energy and carbon emission rating of the property.

You can use this information to:

  • Cut your fuel bills
  • Improve energy performance in your home
  • Help cut carbon emissions

Does everyone need an EPC?

The EPC is required by law when a building is constructed, sold or put up for rent.

So you will only need a certificate if you are:

  • A Builder
    An EPC needs to be provided to buyers of newly built properties from 6 April 2008

  • A Landlord
    It is required by law, you will need to provide an EPC which will be valid for ten years, to prospective tenants, the first time you let or re-let your property (1 October 2008)

Even if you do not fall into the above category, you can still apply for and receive an EPC.


Will EPCs be needed across the UK?

EPCs only apply to England and Wales. Northern Ireland and Scotland are producing their own regulations. For more general details on the differences in legislation in different parts of the UK, visit the article on devolved administrations.

How long will it take to get one?

Obtaining an EPC for an average sized home is likely to take the same time as that for a house valuation report which has to be prepared when a property is put up for sale. The exact time will vary from property to property.


How much will it cost?

The price of an EPC is set by the accredited organisations which issue them. If you apply for an EPC on its own then the cost for an average house is approximately £100.

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